• Michael Smyth

The European Super League

This idea of a new league, containing Europe’s most elite and rich clubs, has been circling around since the 1980s and has been gaining more traction recently because of the devasting impacts of Covid-19 to the financial status of the footballing industry. The football community has had more negative reactions than positive to this idea.

This venture would include the top clubs from the most competitive leagues around Europe, and they would battle it out in one league knockout competition that would contain approximately 16 teams. This seems to cause a problem as this would shadow an already existing competition called the UEFA Champions League as the European Super League would have a similar structure. Smaller clubs in Europe’s most elite leagues would suffer immensely financially as domestic leagues would take a huge financial knock. The League would contain the “Big Six” from the English Premier League as well as clubs such as Atletico de Madrid, Barcelona and AC Milan etc. The main reason for the formation of the league is for more money to be earned from television rights. The distribution of wealth will also be different from already established competitions.

It does not take a football fan to know that a game like Bayern Munich vs Chelsea FC on a Saturday afternoon, rather than a midweek match at midnight, will always be an exciting match to watch. This league will help wealthy football clubs get richer as it provides a new form of entertainment as the greatest clubs, around Europe, will be battling it out on one stage. Many ask why is this is even an idea if there is something like the UEFA Champions League already established? The reason for this is that this is not an idea from UEFA, as they strongly condemn this new league, and this initiative will break away from UEFA.

There are many negatives to this idea as the richer get richer and the poorer clubs get poorer. The clubs that will partake in the tournament will be there because they have the most money and would not have gotten there based on merit, which is a flawed system. There has been widespread outrage at the idea in recent days, however, it remains to be seen what the fate of club football is.

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